Accord is a procurement consortium comprising of Alpha, Fold, Habinteg and Triangle Housing Associations. Accord was established in response to the Department of Social Development’s (DSD) Procurement Strategy for the Social Housing Development Programme issued in October 2008.  The DSD officially recognised the Accord Group on 31st of March 2009.
Accord comprises a diverse group of housing associations servicing the housing and care needs of specific groups as identified by the Northern Ireland Housing executive (NIHE) in the housing Association Guide, dated 1st April 2007 Part 2 Appendix 1 Annex B – Need Group.  This includes:
-    General Needs Housing
-    Supported Housing
-    Sheltered Housing
-    Special Groups (i.e. Mental Health & Travellers)
The Chief Executives and Boards of the member Associations have sought to embrace the principle of collaborative working and identify methods of delivering the Procurement Strategy.
Accords business plan for 2009-2014 is a 5 year strategy setting out how we intend to meet the objectives of the procurement strategy. The mission statement and the values set out Accord’s business plan for 2009-14 is a 5 year strategy setting out how we intend to meet the objectives of the procurement strategy.  The mission statement and values set out Accords planning context and where the procurement group positions itself.
The vision statement defines Accord’s mission within the aspirations of its key stakeholders.  
Through adherence of the principles of the Procurement Strategy, Accords vision is to;
-    Become the Lead Procurement Group
-    Maximise Procurement Opportunities
-    Maximise the Capital Return on Investment
-    Become a more knowledgeable professional client in our interaction with all parties
-    Be the preferred Landlord of choice
-    Maximise the opportunities for collaborative procurement
-    Promote Environmental and Sustainable Design
-    Develop high quality new housing designs in accordance with the DSD Housing Guide and as defined by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive

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